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The Wild Places series takes viewers into some of nature's most incredible places, from the Canadian Rockies to Yellowstone and beyond. Each year millions of people from all around the world travel to visit America's hidden and not so hidden places, but beyond the easily accessed tourist sites lie the intricacies of the land in its most amazing states with majestic vistas, geysers, smoldering volcanoes and rugged country where wildlife roam free. Whether a mountain climber, a moderate hiker or tour bus traveler, the breathtaking beauty of the lands featured in this series is beyond words' and each episode leaves viewers humbled, exhilarated and forever changed.  Episodes may be acquired individually or as a series.


National Parks in Winter (NEW)

When ancient canyons lie coated in white, snowfalls cap giant Sequoias and majestic mountain peaks light up a sapphire sky, it's the "secret season" for America's premier parks. Those who brave the chill are transformed by the exhilarating beauty, the solitude, the rugged wildlife and the warmth of a vintage lodge. Whether it's Yellowstone's geysers shooting off a chorus of steam, gathering together for a Yosemite tradition, trailing elk across virgin Teton snow or the sheer grandeur of the Grand Canyon, winter is a wonderland! Featured Parks: Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Grand Canyon.


Wonders of America's National Parks (NEW)

Where monumental forces of nature prevail, it's a panorama of the greatest natural wonders on the planet...products of fire, ice, wind, water and time. We'll travel to North America's tallest peak and lowest point to explore the extraordinary. From the world's largest concentration of natural arches and a grand tapestry of canyons to the ongoing pyrotechnics of a volcano, a grizzly gathering and an international biosphere reserve, these definitive wonders are too awe inspiring to miss! Featured Parks: Hawaii Volcanoes, Zion, Yellowstone, Canyonlands, Arches, Grand Canyon, Denali, Katmai, Everglades, Death Valley, Yosemite.


Best of the National Parks (1x52)

National parks are called our best idea, a vision to preserve wonders beyond expression. We'll travel from sea to shining sea in search of the superlative. Whether it's scaling a sheer cliff wall, spelunking a mammoth cave, boating in a scenic paradise or the perfect place to tie the knot and catch a sunrise above the clouds, in this universe of the spectacular, we'll discover the best of America's National Parks. 


British Columbia, Vancouver and Beyond (1x49)

Canada's far-flung western province of British Columbia is home to majestic mountains and alpine ranges that stretch skyward along hundreds of miles of ruggedly beautiful coastline. With its stunning location between the mountains and the Pacific shores, the vibrant city of Vancouver blends the call of the wild with big city charm. Whistler offers world-class skiing and a paradise for outdoor pursuits while on Vancouver Island, the capital city, Victoria, defines itself by all things British. We'll travel by land and sea from the southern to the northern-most reaches where whales can be spotted in the mist, and seals bask along the rocky shores - whether it's a sophisticated afternoon tea with all the trimmings or a feast on freshly caught salmon at a rustic resort, kite boarding, kayaking or adventure trekking in the rainforests, British Columbia offers something for everyone. And we'll discover a remarkable country that captivates all who venture there.


The Canadian Rockies, Banff and Jasper (1x49)

Set amid a sea of snow-capped peaks, pristine glacier-fed lakes and the earth's largest non-polar ice cap are two majestic icons of the Canadian wilderness: Banff and Jasper National Parks. We'll explore a region renown for its hot springs and hundreds of miles of trails that offer superlative downhill skiing, backcountry treks and astounding panoramic vistas where an array of wildlife roam free. And it's not all outdoors, there's boutique-hopping, elegant dining and chateaux retreats. Even "getting there" can be high adventure, and we'll ride the rails of the Rocky Mountaineer, follow the Continental Divide along a valley hailed as one of the world's most scenic drives, and traverse a treacherous ice field by snocoach -- from the wilds of Jasper to the spas of Banff, we'll seek out all that's spectacular in the premier parks of the Canadian Rockies.


Inside Grand Canyon National Park (1x49)

It's called the supreme spectacle yet nothing compares to the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. Where sheer rock walls jut skyward, layers upon layers of rock are millions of years in-the-making and the powerful blast of the Colorado River is unleashed. We'll travel from rim-to-rim, hike hidden canyons, plunge into ancient pools, raft world-class white water and simply stand in awe for an insider's view of one of the seven natural wonders of the world!


Inside Grand Teton National Park (1x49)

A land of exhilarating beauty where skyscraping peaks meet crystalline lakes. The spectacular scenery is a backdrop for thrill seekers for all seasons. We'll head up the edge of a sheer cliff wall, trek rugged terrain, raft a raging river, ski wilderness snow and spend a day with a celebrated search and rescue team. It's not all about adrenaline -- this is cowboy country! We'll hang our hats at a working dude ranch, ride the range and rough it in style at posh retreats. Where summer is lush and winter is magical, we'll get an insiders view of what makes the Tetons so grand -- from magnificent mountains, to swarms of earthquakes to a world of wildlife!


National Parks, Great Train Rides (1x50)

It's all aboard as we ride the rails to North America's National Parks! We'll take in Alaska's natural wonders from the wide-open panorama of a Denali Star domed car, experience the elegance of the Coast Starlight and the restored glory of the Grand Canyon Railway. We'll travel the historic route of the Empire Builder and head north of the border where the Rocky Mountaineer and the Royal Canadian Pacific are among the world's top trains. Combining spectacular scenery with the romance of the rails, this is the ticket to high adventure.


National Parks, Lodges and Inns (1x51)

Amid the majestic vistas and wild backcountry, our national park lodges and inns are almost as prized as the wonders that unfold around them--a room with a view of the grandest canyon, the queen of all lodges, one of the world's largest log cabins, a desert oasis, and an island jewel. We'll seek out America's treasures, from the lap of luxury to rustic retreats where nature reigns and the romance of the past lives on. Featured Lodges & Inns: Yellowstone National Park: Old Faithful Inn; Yosemite National Park: The Ahwahnee Hotel; Grand Canyon National Park: El Tovar, Bright Angel Lodge and Phantom Ranch; Glacier National Park: Glacier Park Lodge, Many Glacier Hotel, Belton Chalet, Sperry Chalet, Granite Park Chalet; Death Valley National Park: Furnace Creek Inn & Ranch Resort; Cumberland Island National Park: Greyfield Inn.



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