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No other function is changing more than marketing: what are the new rules of branding, communication and differentiation? Upcoming episodes: Social media; mobile marketing; celebrity endorsement; marketing to women.


A series of short documentaries that slice up and buzz the screen with new marketing and media concepts that are revving up with success for some or all the industries. Online and mobile marketing, insights and the power of ideas, celebrity branding, entertainment marketing and much more...


Marketing to kids: An ever increasing powerful and smart consumer group is out to get you. Watch out marketing aficionados; no matter what part of the equation you´re in; you better know about them… whether you are talking to them, trying to sell them something or even buying for them; you have to keep in mind… they learn fast, adapt fast and grow faster and bigger expectations of what they want to hear and when, and how…. So it’s no wonder, nor surprise that they are already controlling the marketing ground… Still wondering who we´re talking about ?? Well, KIDS of course…

Social Media Marketing (part 1 & 2):If you´ve yet never heard of twitter, Facebook, myspace, tumblr and 4square, you might as well flip channels… but if you´re sitting there wondering how you can make people follow your youTube feed, make money from your blog or convince your CMO of putting some money on social media, then stick around… you might be interested in what’s cooking… Social media marketing is the outrage this season, and has been for a little while; but most brands are still trying to figure out how it works, who will help them get the most out of it and how to become the next big thing. Is it really something new ?? Or is it just another tool in the shed of marketing ? Is it really useful ? Can we see or measure results from having a million facebook fans ?

Marketing to Women:Women buy or influence the purchase of 85% of ALL consumer goods and services. The rise of female consumer power is changing the ways companies design, make, and market products. But are marketers sure of what matters? Do they know what women want?

Celebrity Endorsement: Everybody loves celebrities… we like reading gossip on them; we admire them and want to be like them. Marketing experts and brands have long known this, and have used celebrities endlessly,  as a tool to  attract customers and sell. On this episode or Mark it, Kate Moss, Justin Bieber and Tiger Woods…find out what are the benefits and risks for brand when being endorsed by a celebrity.. Why does is work? HOW does it work? Is it always successful? Find out how brands can choose the right celebrity for a brand and what happens when the branded personality goes off the side of the road…

Mark It


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