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A rising giant… the world leader of the new millennium… a threat and also an opportunity… Asia has been called all of these and more.

The emergence of Asia is opening up various new business sectors and the education industry is one of the most lucrative. Billions of people hungry for knowledge, wanting to be connected to the rest of the world, desiring to be more competitive than the neighbors and now with more money to spend on education, has created a demand that is growing at an amazing rate. 

Asian governments realize that the path to national progress lies in education. Asian parents and students also see that the educational path the students choose will determine their future career and success. Thus, in the quest to create future personal and national wealth, the pursuit of education has, well, made the education industry really wealthy.

Yet there is no simple way of defining Asian education or even Asia for that matter. Asia is totally diverse in language and culture, rooted in ancient history and yet exposed to modern technology, protective of tradition and yet assimilating Western influences… indeed, Asia is a melting pot and a conundrum. And Asia’s education systems and numerous schools reflect these same vast differences.  

Education Asia is a 10 x 24-minute English language documentary series that explores the many facets of education and educational institutions in Asia. Featuring leading schools from all over the region, we see some of the unique environment, curriculum and pedagogy that have made them the top or most popular schools. Going beyond just school profiling and seeing how schools maintain their competitive edge over other schools, we go deeper, to examine the expectations of parents, the mindset of students and a peak into how the education industry will evolve over the next few years to come.

Education Asia


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