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“Art Wolfe's work tells a story that is overwhelming, breathtaking and vast.” - Robert Redford

ART WOLFE'S TRAVELS TO THE EDGE is a High Definition look at some of the most remote, awe-inspiring spots on the planet: spectacular glaciers, stunning deserts, colorful rainforests, remote mountain peaks, important tribal gatherings and untouched habitats. Through the lens of internationally acclaimed photographer and host Art Wolfe, the series captures the beauty and wonder of locations such as Alaska, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Japan, India, Iceland, Nepal, Patagonia, Peru, the South Georgia Island and Tanzania.

Over the course of his 30-year career, Art Wolfe has produced more than a million images and published 60 books. His stunning pictures interpret and record the world's fast-disappearing wildlife, landscapes and native cultures. In 1998, The National Audubon Society recognized Wolfe's work supporting the national wildlife refuge system with its first-ever Rachel Carson Award.

In TRAVELS TO THE EDGE, Wolfe continues his work as an artist, teacher, advocate and guide: in Ethiopia, he treks across the muddy, impassable roads and swollen rivers of that country’s southwestern plains to visit with the isolated Animist tribes; in Alaska, he rafts down the icy Kongakut River to document America's last untamed wilderness; and in Peru, he explores the largest area of protected rain forest in the Amazon.

Speaking through his lens, Wolfe remains a tireless defender of the wilderness and a passionate advocate for the people and creatures that inhabit it.

Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge


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